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Academic Tips Week 13 -- College is Formative

by Gordon Cain -

Hi all, 

You have arrived at your final week of course work for the Moore College DBT this semester. Well done. 

for some of you, life has probably been easier and simple this semester, but for others, it has possibly been hard or very hard, and College has added to those challenges.

Life in this broken world is challenging and hard. It makes us long for safely reaching the judgement day and hearing, 'Well done, good and faithful servants. Enter into the joy of my glory!' It also is a means by which the Lord our Father shapes us and refines us.

Here are a few thoughts I've put together on hard times at College:


I hope this is encouraging when life gets hard.

Warmly in Jesus


Academic Tips Week 12 -- Grammarly!

by Gordon Cain -

Hi again,

As you write your final essays and reflections, let me encourage you to download and use Grammarly Premium. You have enrolled in Moore College, and Moore College provides Grammarly Premium to all Moore students.

What is Grammarly? Well, read and find out, but it is much, much more than merely a grammar checker:


It will help you write a much better essay or reflection.

Warmly in Jesus


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